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Todd and Julie Chrisley Open Up About 'Heartbreaking Time' Following Guilty Verdict in Tax Evasion Case
Todd and Julie Chrisley briefly shared how they're feeling amid the legal trouble they find themselves in after a jury returned a guilty verdict in their federal tax fraud case.During Friday's episode of their podcast, Todd addressed the elephant in the room saying, «I know all of you guys are wanting to know every detail that is going on in our lives, and I have to ask that you respect that we’re not allowed to talk about it at the present time. There will come a time.»The star then went on to say how the trial and subsequent verdict is affecting them.«We did want to come on today and let everyone know that it’s a very sad, heartbreaking time for our family right now but we still hold steadfast in our faith and we trust that God will do what he does best because God’s a miracle worker,» Todd added.Julie then chimed in saying, «We're alive and kicking and we appreciate all the support we have received from everyone.»Todd said some of that support has included «tens and thousands of messages every day — from mail to gifts being delivered to our home to people delivering food.» He urged fans not to drive from far distances and that while the food, flowers and gifts are very much appreciated it's also very much not necessary, even though «it's a tough time right now.»As far as how the kids are taking this, Todd says they're doing as best they can during this tough situation.«A lot of tears, a lot of heartache, a lot of sorrow, a lot of trying to understand how this is where we are right now,» Todd said.
All the Details on Todd and Julie Chrisley's House Arrest After Being Found Guilty of Tax Evasion
found guilty in their tax fraud trial, Todd and Julie Chrisley's bond conditions changed to include house confinement and electronic monitoring.«After the verdict was read, the judge changed the bond on both of the Chrisleys,» legal expert Julie Rendelman told ET. «First, they are now on home confinement although they can go out for doctors' visits and the like.»According to the couple's bond condition form, which was obtained by ET, Todd and Julie will be restricted to their residence at all times except for employment, education, religious service, health treatment, attorney visits, court appearances, court-ordered obligations, or other activities as pre-approved by the Court or probation officer.Rendelman noted that «there is also electronic monitoring, which is controlled by probation.»Per the bond condition form, the couple must pay all or part of the costs of the Location Monitoring Program based upon their ability to pay as determined by the probation officer.On top of all of that, Rendelman said, «one of the biggest things that changed is that any spending for either of them over $1,000 they must inform probation,» something that she imagines will not be «an easy task for the Chrisleys, considering their previous spending habits.»The spending condition, she said, is one that she's «never seen as a recommendation as part of a bond.»The couple's bond conditions come after a federal jury found Todd and Julie guilty of conspiring to defraud community banks out of more than $30 million of fraudulent loans.«What they basically did is they provided fraudulent documents to financial institutions in order to procure those loans,» Rendelman explained to ET.