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Michael Mosley backs stunningly simple fix to help lose weight without dieting

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A weight loss strategy that doesn't involve cutting calories or dieting could actually help you lose pounds through the power of chewing.

According to Michael Mosley, chewing food properly can help people burn more calories. The creator of the 5:2 Diet recently called attention to new research which underscored the importance of chewing.

In his column with the Daily Mail, Michael referenced an old school adage about chewing food at least 32 times. It turns out chewing your food properly helps people burn more calories at rest.

In a University of Manchester study, researchers found how masticating played a crucial role in evolution and the way humans absorb nutrients."Like most of us, I suspect, I remember years ago being told to chew my food at least 32 times before swallowing it," wrote Michael for the outlet."It was an idea based on the claims of a 19th-century health food guru in the US called Horace Fletcher — also known as 'The Great Masticator', his catchline was: 'Nature will castigate those who don't masticate'."New research has shown how chewing can help dieters by increasing people's metabolic rate - a measurement of the amount of energy you burn at rest.The type of food you eat plays an important role.

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