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Lori Beth Denberg Claims Dan Schneider 'Preyed' on Her While She Starred on 'All That'

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Lori Beth Denberg is the latest Nickelodeon star to speak out against Dan Schneider. Back in March, Investigation Discovery released the Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV docu-series, which detailed much of Dan‘s time at Nickelodeon and focused on the inappropriate conduct and toxic environment on the set of his shows, with former Nick actors sharing their experiences.

Following the docu-series release, Lori Beth – who appeared All That as a teenager from 1994 to 1998 – alleged that she had a “weird, abusive friendship” with Dan that she now views as an inappropriate power imbalance. Keep reading to find out more…In an interview with Business Insider published on Tuesday (May 14), Lori Beth alleged that when she 19-years-old, Dan, who was a producer on All That, started discussing sexual topics with her over the phone and allegedly once initiated phone sex.

She also claims that they would give each other massages while she spent evenings at his house, and Lori Beth also claimed that one time when she was 20 or 21, Dan allegedly fondled and put his mouth on her breasts. Lori Beth also claimed that Dan often lashed out at her on set and allegedly showed her pornography multiple times. “I feel like that is the first time he preyed on me,” Lori Beth said.

Also in her interview, Lori Beth claimed that she voiced concerns around 2000 to the then-president of Nickelodeon Entertainment, Albie Hecht, and All That co-creator Brian Robbins over how Amanda Bynes was treated by Dan after noticing she looked “gaunt.” After sharing her concerns, Lori Beth alleged that she was barred from the set of The Amanda Show.

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