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Kate Hudson wants to go “method” for a Stevie Nicks biopic

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Stevie Nicks, and revealed that she hopes a biopic will be made about the singer which would allow her to “go method” and embody her.The actor-turned-singer discussed the Fleetwood Mac icon during a new interview with Rolling Stone, where she opened up about her switch to the music industry, 20 years after she first made her acting debut.Hudson, who is the daughter of Goldie Hawn, first made a name for herself on the big screen, starring in Hollywood blockbusters including Almost Famous, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, Bride Wars and more.Now, after taking on numerous singing roles as an actor, she has turned her sights to music and shared her debut album ‘Glorious’.According to her comments in the latest interview, however, she hasn’t turned her back on acting, but hopes to see the two worlds collide in the form of a Stevie Nicks biopic.“I think for all girls who love rock, Stevie’s just our number one,” Hudson said. “Her whole life experience and the music.

Fleetwood Mac, that whole journey from before Stevie to after Stevie? And her relationship with Lindsey [Buckingham]? It’s like a trilogy.

There’s so much there. To me, that’s like the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll story.”Explaining what a role like that would mean to her and her relatives, she added: “My family might disown me if I ever got a chance to play Stevie. ‘Cause they’d be like, ‘Can we not go method?’ I would probably go way too far into that character.”She continued, adding that another artist she would love to play one day would be Dusty Springfield – not only because of her music, but because of her personal life too.“To me it’s also about the interesting life, and being able to tell that story correctly.

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