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Gio van Bronckhorst will reap Rangers dressing room rewards after pitch perfect Celtic words - Jorg Albertz

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No manager wants to go into a match without key players. Especially an Old Firm game. And after Alfredo Morelos ’ call-up for Colombia last week, it could have been a dilemma for my old team-mate Giovanni van Bronckhorst.

With the prospect of more players being away, he might have considered requesting to postpone the match with Celtic on February 2 and other subsequent games.

But Gio’s reaction has been what I’d expect of a Rangers manager. Of any manager actually. Look at it from his point of view and if I ever took on a job at a club, this is how I’d feel about it too.Those are my boys in the dressing-room.

But all of a sudden three or four players are called up for their national team and won’t be there for big games.If I ask the league to call off those matches, it proves that I don’t trust the other players in the squad who might have to come in.

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