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Father & Son Go Viral For Argument Over Teen's Skimpy Swimsuit -- Wait To Decide Until You See THIS PIC!

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Self confidence is GREAT, but when it borders exhibitionism, boundaries need to be set… even with your own family! A flustered father has gone viral after taking to Reddit with a story about a recent Caribbean cruise he went on with his wife and 18-year-old son Jax, whose swimsuit the concerned father did NOT approve of.

But the dad says he’s not a prude, and that the swimsuit really was THAT revealing! Posting in the famous “Am I the A-Hole?” forum, the anonymous father wrote: Related: Cop FIRED After Participating In OnlyFans Model’s NSFW Video — In Full Uniform! He continued: Uh oh… The father recalled telling him to change into something more modest, but that the teen said he brought “NOTHING” else!

But he wasn’t about to let his son wear his planned swim gear, so he made him go find another as there were families of all ages on board: After posing the question, “So AITA and should I have just let him wear what he wanted?” the father included a link to the exact swimsuit his son brought aboard.

It was an AussieBum brand speedo “designed to get attention,” according to the website. It’s described as having “maximum sheerness when wet,” “high leg cuts for a daring look” and an “enhancing pouch to lift and keep everything front and center for an eye-catching profile.” Jeez!!

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