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Oprah Gail Winfrey (born Orpah Gail Winfrey; January 29, 1954) is an American media executive, actress, talk show host, television producer, and philanthropist. She is best known for her talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, broadcast from Chicago, which was the highest-rated television program of its kind in history and ran in national syndication for 25 years from 1986 to 2011. Dubbed the "Queen of All Media", she was the richest African American of the 20th century and North America's first black multi-billionaire, and she has been ranked the greatest black philanthropist in American history. By 2007, she was sometimes ranked as the most influential woman in the world.
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Dwayne Johnson Slams Reporter Who Says He's Not Donating Maui Wildfires Relief Money

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Dwayne Johnson is hitting back at a reporter. The 51-year-old wrestler-turned-actor was recently booed by the crowd while making an appearance at a WWE press conference.

Reporter Nick Sortor then claimed on Twitter that Dwayne was booed because he didn’t deliver on his promise to provide financial relief to Maui following last year’s devastating wildfires. Keep reading to find out more…“Dwayne Johnson promised TENS OF MILLIONS to the victims of the Maui fires, but many victims still have not seen a dime,” Sortor wrote. “It looks like the audience is fully AMERICA FIRST and is demanding The Rock and Oprah follow through with their commitment to take care of the people of Lahaina,” he continued. “The crowd started booing and chanting ‘MAUI!

MAUI! MAUI!” MAKE IT HAPPEN!’” If you were unaware, Dwayne teamed up with Oprah Winfrey to launch the People’s Fund of Maui back at the end of August 2023, and donated $10 million together for the cause.

Two days after Sortor‘s claims, Dwayne took to his own Twitter account to respond. “I typically refrain from responding to toxic, false clickbait garbage like this because I hate dignifying bullshit with a response, but when you use Hawaii’s tragic events to draw attention to yourself I won’t stay quiet,” Dwayne began. “This moment you’re referring to is from our @WWE press conference this past Thursday where I turned ‘heel’- wrestling parlance for bad guy,” he continued. “I’m playing it up with our crowd as they boo.

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