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David Lynch Rues His Version Of ‘Dune’ – “I Died A Death”

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Director David Lynch learned a vital lesson when his version of Dune was done. Speaking to NPR‘s , Lynch responded to a question about the greatest failure that he learned from.

He nominated his 1984film, Dune. “I knew already one should have final cut before signing on to do a film,” he said. “But for some reason, I thought everything would be OK, and I didn’t put final cut in my contract.

And as it turned out, Dune wasn’t the film I wanted to make, because I didn’t have a final say. “So that’s a lesson I knew even before, but now there’s no way.

Why would anyone work for three years on something that wasn’t yours? Why? Why do that? Why? I died a death. And it was all my fault for not knowing to put that in the contract.” Lynch, age 78, plans to release a new album with the artist Chrystabell in August.

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