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Richard Schwartz To Head Television For Alfonso Cuarón’s Esperanto Filmoj London-Based Banner

EXCLUSIVE: Richard Schwartz has joined Alfonso Cuaron‘s Esperanto Filmoj as Head of Television. The Oscar-winning filmmaker behind Y Tu Mama Tambien, Gravity and Roma has leaned into television, and Schwartz will spearhead development and marketing efforts for the slate. This comes as the company prepares to launch Cuarón’s highly anticipated Apple TV+ series disclaimer, the miniseries thriller that stars Cate Blanchett and debuts October 11.

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These are Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks’ favourite movies, according to Kyle MacLachlan
Kyle MacLachlan has shared a list of 10 films that he thinks would be his Twin Peaks character Dale Cooper’s favourites – check out the list below.MacLachlan played the FBI agent Cooper in David Lynch’s cult show Twin Peaks in its initial run in 1990 and 1991, its 1992 spin-off film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, and its 2017 revival, Twin Peaks: The Return.The eccentric investigator is assigned to the town of Twin Peaks in the show to look into the brutal murder of the high school student Laura Palmer, although he is often more interested in the quality of the coffee and a good cherry pie than anything else.Now, in a post on the film social networking site Letterboxd, MacLachlan has posted a list of films that he has described as “Dale Cooper’s picks”.The list includes the 1954 Alfred Hitchcock classic Rear Window, the subversive 1977 Italian horror film Suspiria and the satirical 1979 Peter Sellers comedy-drama Being There.It also includes a couple of noir classics – 1944’s Laura and Double Indemnity – as well as Ingmar Bergman’s arthouse gem Persona, the James Stewart courtroom drama Anatomy of a Murder and the 1981 sex comedy Waitress!In a moment of meta self-reflection, the list is rounded out by Blue Velvet, Lynch and MacLachlan’s previous collaboration, and Fire Walk With Me itself.MacLachlan is currently starring in the highly anticipated television adaptation of the video game franchise, Fallout, which arrived on Prime Video earlier this month.And the actor, at the request of his Fallout co-star Ella Purnell, recently sent the “sweetest” video to a Twin Peaks mega fan.Speaking to NME, Purnell revealed that she’d left it late to get her friend – who was a huge fan of the David Lynch show – a Christmas gift and so
David Lynch’s lost ‘Dune 2’ script has been found – here’s what was in it
Dune sequel has been found, teasing what could have been had the director’s plans for a trilogy come to fruition.Max Evry, the author of ‘A Masterpiece in Disarray: David Lynch’s Dune. An Oral History,’ unearthed the script in July of last year while working on his book, finding it in Frank Herbert’s (the author of Dune and its five sequels) archives at California State University, Fullerton.In an article for WIRED, Evry spoke highly of the Lynch’s script, saying: “He also cracked a way to tell the complex story of Herbert’s 1969 novel Dune Messiah, easily the least cinematic book in the series.”“It may ring of sacrilege to some, but Lynch’s Dune II would have bested Herbert’s book — and been one hell of a movie,” he added.Evry noted various intriguing details about the script, including how it opened with a new set of scenes that don’t feature in Herbert’s novel, picking up in the aftermath of the Harkonnen’s attack on Arrakeen that saw Duncan Idaho (Richard Jordan) killed in action.Lynch’s Messiah would have also revealed that Leonardo Cimino’s mysterious doctor from the first film was actually a major figure from Herbert’s novels: Scytale, a “face-dancer” of the sinister genetically enhanced beings known as the Bene Tleilax.Following the assault on Arrakeen, Scytale takes Idaho’s body and attempts to resurrect him as the clone “Ghola” Hayt.