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Corrie fans call Debbie Webster Cameron Diaz's twin as she debuts hair transformation

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Coronation Street fans were left distracted after Debbie Webster and Ryan Connor kicked off their money making plan.In recent episodes, the Bistro has been suffering with money problems and in an attempt to salvage their profits, they have been hosting themed parties at the venue.However, Debbie’s thirst for money has taken a dark turn after she decided to team up with Ryan.READ MORE: Coronation Street fans rumble how Ryan gets caught out as insurance scam goes wrongHowever, during a recent scene in which Ryan attempted to steal money from the Bistro safe, Fans were more distracted with Debbie’s unusual new hairstyle.Fans took to Twitter to discuss her strange choice and one wrote: “What’s with Debbie’s ‘There’s Something About Mary’ hairstyle?”Another scathingly commented: “Debbie’s getting hair tips from Cameron [Diaz]!”Others noticed that her hair had “very ‘There’s Something About Mary’ vibes,” whilst others compared her to Elvis and Tin Tin.The scene took place as Debbie and Ryan planned to pull an insurance fraud after Ed Bailey suffered a shock whilst working in one of Webster’s hotels.During a recent Casino Night, Debbie asked the DJ to fake a break in so that she could sneakily claim on her insurance to earn a bit of extra dosh.However, Debbie’s bold attitude didn’t last for long as she got cold feet at the last minute, telling Ryan that the staged robbery was a no-go.Ryan was annoyed and told Debbie that he was planning to fuse the electrics in an attempt to take cash from the Bistro’s safe.Right on cue, the Bistro’s power went out and a reluctant Debbie was forced to help Ryan with his wrongdoings.Bistro customers decided to take refuge at the Rovers while Ryan robbed the restaurant’s cash, but whilst he was.

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