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Art Brut’s Eddie Argos: “Seeing Yard Act was like looking at some weird Ghost Of Christmas Future”

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Art Brut’s Eddie Argos has spoken to NME about his band’s new compilation and box set, the spats and breakthroughs of the indie sleaze years, his recent near-death experience and how Yard Act are his Ghost Of Christmas Future.Last month saw the indie veterans announce the compilation album ‘A Record Collection, Reduced To A Mixtape’ and the five-CD box set ‘Yes, This Is My Singing Voice!’.“A nice landmark,” Argos told NME of the releases. “It’s 20 years of Art Brut.

I feel that our music makes a bit of sense at the moment. Shouty talky indie in music is fashionable again, right?”The double LP compilation gathers together key tracks from the band’s initial run of four albums from 2005’s debut ‘Bang Bang Rock & Roll’ to 2011’s ‘Brilliant!

Tragic!’, and their 2018 fifth album ‘Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out!’, plus live tracks and rarities. Tracks including first single ‘Formed A Band’ and subsequent favourites including ‘Emily Kane’, ‘Nag Nag Nag’, ‘Axl Rose’ and a live version of ‘Modern Art’.The box set, the first part of a comprehensive two-box series, focusses on their early era from 2003-8, collecting the debut album and 2007’s follow-up ‘It’s A Bit Complicated’ alongside bootlegs, B-sides, demos, alternative mixes and unreleased live recordings.

The releases are due to be accompanied by a tour of the UK and Germany in September and October.“It’s nice how excited people get that we’re going to play again,” Argos said of the band’s return. “There was a gap between the first set of records and ‘Wham!

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