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MAFS UK fans fume as 'forgotten' Duka 'doesn't say a word' throughout final reunion show
Married at First Sight viewers were left disappointed after they realised Duka Cavolli didn't say a word during the reunion show.The final episode kicked off on E4 on Tuesday night with all the couples from the experiment reuniting to share details of why their marriage did or did not work out.But as Duka's wife Whitney Hughes decided to ditch their marriage and pursue a relationship with Gemma Rose's husband Matt Murray earlier in the experiment, Duka and Gemma were left in the dark.Despite all the chaos going between all four members, viewers were patiently waiting to see if they would allow Duka to say how things had been after the show but was never given the opportunity.Seeing no words from Duka throughout the episode, viewers took to Twitter to complain.One viewer wrote: "Duka had nothing to say? Or nothing that could be aired?"Another said: "So what was the point of bringing Duka back?! He didnt say a word."A third penned: "Duka getting overlooked yet AGAIN! No acknowledgment, no apology, no interview, and no airtime."Meanwhile a fourth added: "Duka wasn’t given the time of day! How about asking him how he feels, like Gemma was!"Although he never said anything on the last episode of the E4 show, Duka had a lot to say regarding his relationship status on Instagram.Addressing a question from a follower who asked "Are you single?", Duka replied openly and said: "To the person that is asking that question, you know the answer already. No, I'm not single.
MAFS UK fans question contestants' decision to go on show after row
Married At First Sight UK fans have grown confused as to why some of the contestants decided to take part in the experiment as the series draws to a close.The final couples are deciding whether to remain in their relationships or leave and go their separate ways.Zoe and Jemma are struggling with the idea that they will both have to uproot their lives, but another serious problem is their differing views on starting a family.READ MORE: MAFS UK Kasia's hottest snaps - underwear flash, cut-out swimsuit and no-knicker dressGeorge and April are dealing with trust issues, whereas Sophie and Jonathan are failing to see eye to eye on their futures.However, viewers have grown increasingly confused at their problems.Many of them have begun to wonder why the participants took part in the experiment if they were unable to compromise for their partners, as they knew what they were getting themselves in for.Viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts and one fan tried to make their point: "If this lot aren't willing to move, why did they even bother going on the show?"Another was simply tired of their constant problems: "This is just so boring now. I don’t even care anymore, but I’m still watching."A frustrated fan also had a few words to say: "All these couples trying to approach 'marriage' on a practical level once they reached the 'outside' and struggling to grasp the concept of changing their lives for love on MAFS.