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"We cannot rest until we get to the truth." Grieving dad who lost his daughter in the Arena attack urges police to probe the bomber's friends

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Get the day's biggest stories sent direct to your inbox so you never miss a thing The day after the devastating attack, in amongst the rubble and shrapnel and the dried pools of blood, police found half a Halifax bank card bearing the name Salman R Abedi.

The discovery gave detectives the name of the suicide bomber who had killed himself and 22 others when he detonated a huge improvised explosive device in his backpack that terrible night at Manchester Arena in May 2017. READ MORE: The mammoth police investigation that followed, Operation Manteline, shone a light on the outrage the suicide bomber had committed.

But it also examined a small band of Libyan-born associates of Abedi - from Islamist extremists on one side to simple criminals and

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