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TikTok star John Clark calls women ‘f–king scruffy c–ts,’ is dropped by publisher

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boasts an impressive 1.6 million followers on TikTok — allegedly called women “f – – king scruffy c – – ts” as well as labeled a fat person “a f – – king mammoth,” according to Insider.

He also then allegedly made an ableist slur, telling one of the commenters on a livestream to “shut the f – – k up, you f – – king retard.”Clark built his reputation by posting on Instagram about his weight-loss journey, as well as publishing two books about healthy meal prep.

According to viewers of the diatribe, Clark made the inflammatory comments while responding to people on the livestream. “Have some respect for females,” said Clark, allegedly quoting a commenter. “Nope, you’re all f – – king scruffy c – – ts.” He continued to mock the commenter by saying that he liked to annoy women. “I do like pissing women off,” Clark added. “‘I’m a woman.

I’m a female. I have rights,'” he continued in a mocking tone while putting on a high-pitched voice. Social media users sprang into action and condemned Clark while tagging his UK publisher, Penguin Random House. “John Clark aka The Meal Prep King — this man is vile!

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