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The Murdaugh Murders: What to Know and Watch About the Multiple Deaths Associated With the Family

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was accused of killing his wife, Maggie, and their youngest son, Paul, in 2021. Since January 2023, Alex has been standing trial for the murders of his two family members while also being accused of a number of other alleged crimes, with the disgraced patriarch facing charges for a murder-for-hire suicide scheme as well as embezzlement and fraud.

In total, the state has brought 99 charges against Alex, alleging he defrauded many of his legal clients out of millions of dollars.While Alex denies responsibility for the killings or the other charges lobbied against him, he did admit to lying when he was on the stand. «I didn’t shoot my wife or my son any time -- ever,” he said, while the reports that he blamed paranoia fueled by his painkiller addiction for not disclosing the truth of his whereabouts the night of Maggie and Paul's deaths. „Once I told a lie — then I told my family — I had to keep lying.“In the years since the Murdaughs have been a national news sensation, two docuseries have detailed the deaths and other alleged crimes committed by Alex and his family.

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