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Sundance Review: The Weird World Of Eddie Alcazar’s ‘Divinity’

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There’s a certain type of dystopian sci-fi that turns up in Sundance every few years, a kind of ‘EPCOT on acid’ that causes a big ripple then rapidly fades away (see Escape From Tomorrow, a paranoid conspiracy thriller shot, guerrilla-style, in Disneyworld).

Divinity, screening in the Next section, fits the bill exactly, a quirky mad scientist movie that, for all its attempts to be arty, darkly satirical and out-there, ends up as a kind of lo-fi companion piece to Don’t Worry Darling in its not-so-subtle skewering of American consumerism.

Shot in grainy black and white, its chief draw is Stephen Dorff as you’ve never seen him before, and will likely never want to see him again.

Taking place in what could easily pass for a Playboy Mansion on the moon, the film begins with footage of a scientist named Sterling Pierce (Quantum Leap icon Scott Bakula) talking to camera about his life’s work: a serum called Divinity that will extend life for all eternity.

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