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Sundance Review: Kitchen-Sink Whimsy In Charlotte Regan’s ‘Scrapper’

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The cost of living crisis has hit the U.K. hard, but you wouldn’t guess from the trio of films screening in the official selection at Sundance.

Rye Lane, in Premieres, is a goofy love story set in south London; Girl, in World Dramatic, is a tender parent-child drama set in Glasgow; and Scrapper, also in World Dramatic, is a curious mixture of the two.

It deals with issues such as social care, single parenting, truancy, and grief, but director Charlotte Regan handles these matters with a candy-colored levity that can quite often be charming, in a whimsical, Wes Anderson way, but sometimes just plain baffling (there’s a reason why you don’t see talking spiders in a Ken Loach movie).

It begins with a title card that reads “It takes a village to raise a child”, but the statement is immediately struck through and replaced with the words “I can raise myself, thank you.” This is our handwritten introduction to 12-year-old Georgie (Lola Campbell), who lives by herself on a Home Counties estate following the premature death of her mother.

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