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Scots family heartbroken as Rangers-daft dad suddenly dies after going to bed feeling 'peaky'

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A Scots family have been left heartbroken after their 'friendly giant' dad suddenly died in his sleep. Billy Muir, from Glasgow, went to bed feeling 'peaky' around January 7th and sadly never woke up.

The Rangers daft 54-year-old grandfather had taken a covid test shortly before which turned up negative last week. Now his devastated family have been left in shock by his death and are paying tribute to the 'legend'.Daughter Kate Muir Daily Record: "He was a big 6ft 6 friendly giant, very dark sense of humour that only few got but he was hilarious."He didn’t care about what anyone thought of him and lived life to the fullest."He had two daughters, myself and my sister Zoe, as well as five grandkids who he adored massively."My dad was a generous man when he had the means, and would go out his way to help people."He has friends all over and always made an impression the first time he met people."I was very close to my dad and in my teens me my sister and my dad were inseparable, almost like a triple act."He said he was feeling a bit peaky, but took a Covid test which was negative."That was a couple of days before he passed."Kate now lives in Newcastle and had first become concerned when she hadn't heard from Billy in a few days.After he failed to answer calls and messages she sent Police in Scotland to do a welfare check on him at his home in Maryhill which confirmed the tragic news.Billy was found dead in his bed and his family are waiting on his post-mortem results to finally get answers.They are now focusing on fundraising to cover funeral funds to give Billy a major send off.Kate added: "He’s left a massive hole in our lives and raising funds to give him the send off he deserves is our main priority."He was a devoted

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