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Scots Countdown contestant goes viral after hilarious Anne Robinson chat

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A Scots Countdown contestant has gone viral following his chat with Anne Robinson on the show.Gary Hughes from Glasgow appeared on the show on Friday and was questioned by host Anne about his working life - with unintentionally hilarious results.After Gary told Anne he was a pipe fitter she asked what that involved, hoping for an interesting answer.Gary was unphased and simply told her: "Fitting pipes.

Mostly in the shipyards based."After Anne tried to squeeze more out of him re his job by asking : "Are they at the bottom or top of the ship?" Gary replied: "All over."She continued in her quest to fund something juicy adding: "Several different types of pipes?

When you go in on the morning do you look at a pipe and say 'Oh goodness it's that type of pipe today?"Gary replied :"Sometimes, yeah."Still Game star Ford Kiernan was among those who shared a video of the interrogation on social media, retweeting a post which read: "Gripping stuff at the start of today's Countdown".His fans agreed with one adding: "Shame he is not a riveter as it would be one step up from gripping."Another noted: "We never used to get interviews with the contestants it seems to be something Anne has started."Someone else imagined: "Our next contestant is Barry is from Wakefield.

What do you do Barry? I watch paint dry. Is that interesting Barry? No. Thanks Barry."And another teased: "What do you do Gary?

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