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Ryan Thomas mortified as his shorts split open to show his bare bum after victory on The Games

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RYAN Thomas was left red-faced last night on The Games after his shorts split and his bare bum was exposed again. The actor's Lycra shorts were ripped open after a gruelling ride inside the velodrome.

The 37-year-old's victory on the bike came at a price, namely his ruined outfit. Ryan's pregnant fiancée, Lucy Mecklenburgh, took a picture of her man's backside after the event.

She cheekily wrote: "Here it is again." Lucy joked she was worried she'd go into labour while watching Ryan compete, but fortunately her waters remained intact. .css-16e4f55{margin:16px 0;}.css-1czxmma{background-color:rgba(252,239,255,1);margin:16px 0;}.css-1tapza8{padding:20px 15px;}.css-1bk4jdt{padding:20px.

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