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Richard Keys and Andy Gray had accidental recent meeting with Sian Massey-Ellis at airport

The Athletic. “And Andy had to explain to her, ‘It was absolutely nothing to do with you. It really wasn’t. So don’t ever think that it was.’“It was nothing to do with Sian.

We don’t blame her at all. She’s been fantastic.“The smallest things, she gets right. She has been brilliant. And I’m really pleased she’s gone on to make a mark.”Ten years on, Keys is still adamant that he and Gray were set-up as there was a campaign orchestrated against him and his on-screen chum, and he admits that it still makes his blood boil today.“The incident, we should have seen coming,” he went on. “It was a set-up, of course it was.

But they made capital out of it.”“Don’t forget, neither of us were caught behind an open mic.“What happened to me was recorded.

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