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Kevin Federline's attorney says Britney Spears' sons miss grandfather Jamie
The attorney for Kevin Federline claimed in a new video that his two sons with Britney Spears miss their grandfather Jamie Spears and are not in a hurry to reunite with their mother after months apart.Mark Vincent Kaplan, who represents Federline, was caught on camera in video obtained by TMZ as he responded to an exclusive interview with Federline, 44, in which the dancer claimed that his sons Sean, 16, and Jayden, 15, had chosen to stay apart from their mother.Although Vincent said the teens were more interested in spending time with their grandfather, he noted that a domestic violence restraining order is still keeping them apart.  Speaking out: Kevin Federline's attorney claimed to TMZ that his two sons with Britney Spears miss their grandfather Jamie — whom they haven't seen due to a restraining order — and he defended their choosing to not see Britney; Kevin and Britney seen in 2006Kaplan clarified that Kevin 'respected' that Sam would 'not take a position' against his wife Britney, but he suggested that the aspiring actor wasn't an expert on the 40-year-old singer's family dynamics with Kevin.'Sam doesn't really know Kevin. Sam doesn't really know anything about what goes on in Kevin's household,' he said. Kaplan added that Kevin wasn't going to 'dignify' Sam's claim that he has worked little in recent years, though he defended him as having a busy job raising six children, including his two sons with Britney.When he was asked if Sean and Jayden missed their grandfather Jamie, he replied, 'Of course they do.''The restraining order is going to expire on its own terms fairly soon, and they'll be able to be reunited with him,' he said.