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Tonia Buxton breaks silence following daughter Antigoni's surprise Love Island exit

Tonia Buxton has opened up on her daughter Antigoni Buxton's unexpected dumping from the Love Island villa Friday 1 July.The famous chef praised the 26 year old singer for being "wonderful" during her time on the show, and revealed the blonde bombshell was "proud" of herself. Sharing the happy news Antigoni was already prepared and excited to attend Pride celebrations this weekend, TV star Tonia told her followers: "She’s coming to Pride tomorrow!” “My girl is out, she’s out of Love Island and I couldn’t be happier and I can’t wait to see her." While the family members were excited to see each other and bask in their reunion, Tonia admitted Antigoni had been disappointed by her untimely exit.

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Love Island's Antigoni Buxton poses in teeny white bikini with famous model sister
Love Island star Antigoni Buxton's mum Tonia Buxton has shared a throwback snap of her daughters looking stunning in bikinis.Her chef mum, 54, posted a photo of the three of them showing off their enviable beach bodies as they pose on a boat in front of a beautiful ocean backdrop.Captioning the post, she wrote: "Looking forward to more family boat days this summer!READ NEXT: Love Island Tasha's head to turn but game plan will stop her, say ex-stars"We love when @antigoni brings her guitar on board and gets us all singing, some of my favourite times!."The three can be seen posing in tiny swim sets that accentuate their gorgeous figures.In her Instagram bio, Antigoni’s sizzling sister Sophia describes herself as a "fashion model" and a "curve" model at Nev's Model Agency.Do you have a story about one of this year's Love Island stars? Contact us at staronlineshowbiz@reachplc.comMeanwhile Antigoni, who also has Cypriot roots, was signed to Island Records when she was 20 by former president Darcus Beese - the man who also signed Amy Winehouse.She since left to start her own independent label Sirena Records and her latest single Hit List was released last month.Her music has been described as a mix of "hip hop with UK beats and Greek/Middle Eastern elements".In April this year, she hosted a star-studded event to launch her single Red Flag, which was attended by the likes of boxer Anthony Joshua.Antigoni, 26, entered the famous Love Island villa as a bombshell last week, looking to have find love in the famous villa.The blonde babe caused a stir during Friday's shake-up after she was selected by Davide to couple up - hours after he had snogged unlucky in love Dancia.Get the latest celebrity gossip and telly news sent straight
Love Island Antigoni Buxton's famous family - GB News star mum and model sister
Love Island villa is 26-year-old Greek beauty, Antigoni Buxton.Although she's set to cause a stir, she may strike a friendship with islander Gemma Owen as the pair share something in common, they both have famous parents.Antigoni's mum is a celebrity chef and GB News regular Tonia Buxton who's appeared on shows like This Morning and Sunday Brunch.READ MORE: Love Island's Amber expected 'bittersweet' dumping as she slams co-starWhile some parents may not be too happy their child is going on the show, Tonia is thrilled as she's publicly shown her support.When viewers learnt at the end of Tuesday's episode that the singer-songwriter was entering the villa, her mum quickly took to Instagram.Sharing a series of images, including Antigoni's Love Island promo photo and some throwbacks, Tonia said she knows her daughter will "fit right in."Tonia captioned the snaps: "I can not believe that my @antigoni is in the Love Island Villa, she mentioned she would be sunbathing this week I didn’t think she meant in Mallorca!"We are all so excited for you and know you will be amazing! You have always been an island girl, so I know you will fit right in! Hoping you all love and support my girl, I know she will make us proud!"Tune in to my stories every night where I will be commentating on the show, or trying to! #loveisland."Famous faces such as Olympian Rebecca Adlington, Lizzie Cundy and model Jo Wood quickly commented on the post showing their support for Tonia's daughter. It's not only Antigoni's mum that's in the limelight as her look-a-like sister Sophia is a model with Nevs Model Agency.
Jeremy Kyle brands millennials 'lazy' and 'entitled' in fiery generation row
Jeremy Kyle took aim at millennials in an angry rant on TalkTV's The Talk UK which he presented alongside Sharon Osbourne.Last night (August 26), the pair joined Esther Krakue, Tonia Buxton and JJ Anisiobi to discuss the day's biggest headlines on the news show.When the discussion cast a light on a younger generation getting jobs after a dyslexic accountant was fired for being a "demanding millennial", Jeremy let rip on them.Jezza said the younger generation was lazy and needed to get off their "backsides".He raged: "I am going to try and be really calm because there is one word for me that sums up this generation and it's 'entitlement'."We can all say this, we started at the bottom, the work you put in got you to where you were, and there is this feeling amongst the younger generation."I deserve everything, I want everything, everybody else has got it, I'm going to do it, I have five kids, and the moment they hit 16, they have to go and get a job."That is absolutely teaching them the work ethic, teach the value of money, I'm not going to wipe your backside," he fumed.Jeremy also slammed the welfare state - saying it only left millennials three options, including going on benefits.He said: "There is a lot of laziness, and they need to get off their backsides and go and make a living! So we're all agreed, you've had it too easy, get off your backsides and make a living."Esther, who is aged 26 and a millennial, then weighed in on the debate - stating she thought "a lot of the points are fair".She said: "I don't think entitled is the right word, I think it is more spoilt, which isn't much better, but I think the thing is we are growing up in a very glossy social media generation."We think all the highlight reels of all
TalkTV's Sharon Osbourne makes subtle Love Island dig as she criticises millennials
Sharon Osbourne appeared to make a cheeky dig a Love Island while criticising millennials on her TalkTV show The Talk.The 69-year-old presenter was back on the panel show alongside Jeremy Kyle, Tonia Buxton, JJ Anisiobi and Esther Krakue on Tuesday (April 26) evening.During a debate on wether Millennials are "too entitled in the workplace", Mrs O didn't hold back on her thoughts."Working for it doesn't exist anymore," she claimed."They watch all the influencers and they see they can work from home and teach you how to makeup on and whats in fashion and all of this and they want some of it."Listen I don't blame them but only if life was so easy."They go on Love Island get the old kit off and think if they act like whatever it is 'I'll be rich and famous' and life isn't like that."The Talk launched on Monday (April 25) evening and Sharon opened up about her recent face list.She joked that she had to hold her nose in place "stop it falling off".Sharon emphasised how much pain she was in when she had her "whole face done seven months ago".She explained: "It was the most… as you get older, believe me, it gets worse, the pain. It was excruciatingly painful.She then placed her hands over her nose and joked: "See, I’m holding my nose on so it doesn’t fall off".Sharon also revealed how her family feel about her cosmetic procedures, admitting that neither her husband, Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne, nor their three children are fans."I do it for myself.