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Love Island's Ekin-Su finally makes her recoupling decision as villa reacts to new pairings

Thursday's recoupling on Love Island has seen some surprising new couples forming, after Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu finally made a decision between three of the Island's boys. The power was with the girls after actress Ekin-Su 27, received a text which read: “Islanders, tonight there will be a recoupling in which the girls will choose which boys they want to couple up with.

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Love Island's Amber slams Jacques for his 'ego' but says his head won't be turned
Love Island star Amber Beckford claims that Jacques kicking off at Paige for snubbing him to speak to Jay was down to his ego.The dumped islander also told Kem Cetinay and Arielle Free on the Love Island: The Morning After podcast she's not sure if his head could be turned if another girl entered.It comes after viewers saw the 23-year-old get angry during Monday's episode at his former partner who was getting to know bombshell Jay.READ NEXT: Love Island stars and their stunning lookalike siblings - Anna Vakili to Sophie PiperDuring the episode, Jacques had asked Paige if she wanted to join him in the pool, to which she agreed.Although when he walked away from the kitchen and Jay entered, Paige got into a conversation with him and ditched the pool invite.It was clear to viewers this bothered the rugby player who seemed to get in a huff over the situation.Speaking about this on the podcast, host Kem said he would also sulk in that situation with Ikenna agreeing.Asking whether it's nice to see a more sensitive side of the 23-year-old, dumped islander Ikenna said it shows he cares for Paige.He said: "Yeah I think it just actually shows he cares for Paige as. I feel like that's pretty nice for him to show."Amber admitted to being close to him in the villa before revealing he was angry in the episode because of his ego.She said: "I think it's just a bit of an ego thing to be honest.
Love Island's Amber and Ikenna reveal what it’s really like to live with Ekin-Su
Love Island stars Amber Beckford and Ikenna Ekwonna have revealed what it's really like living with 'drama starting' Ekin-Su.The two dumped islanders were guests on the Love Island: The Morning After podcast where Ikenna admitted being in the villa with the 27-year-old was "a bit much"It comes after Monday night's episode saw the bombshell at the centre of more drama after she relayed information to Paige and Jacques that she wasn't supposed to.READ NEXT: Love Island Danica's hottest snaps - braless displays, lingerie and sexy cowgirlDami was "reading" Gemma's mind where he suggested her head could be turned from Luca if another guy more suited to her walked in.With Gemma agreeing, Ekin-Su quickly told some other islanders what the 19-year-old had said, even though they all agreed to keep the conversation private.Word quickly got back to Luca who was left less than impressed that his partner didn't come to him first.Gemma was left raging at Ekin-Su and accused her of "creating drama" in the villa after taking different parts of the conversation and merging them together.Speaking about the 27-year-old on the podcast, Kem asked the former islanders if they thought Ekin-Su was getting involved with the situation for no reason as Arielle claimed she "loves the drama".Amber added: "Ekin-Su was just being Ekin-Su wasn't she?"Wanting to find out more, the podcast host then asked Amber and Ikenna what she was like to live with.Although it seems the pair were holding back slightly as there was a long moment of silence before they both awkwardly laughed.After they didn't answer Kem decided to chime in and suggested it must have been intense.Ikenna replied: "Yeah it's a bit much."Podcast host Arielle that despite the drama Ekin-Su
Love Island's Amber brands Luca a 'brat' and claims Gemma has a 'poker face'
Love Island contestant Amber Beckford has branded Luca Bish a "bit of a brat" following Monday night's heated episode.The 24-year-old spoke about Luca's relationship with Gemma Owen in the villa on the Love Island: The Morning After podcast alongside fellow dumped islander Ikenna.They were reflecting on the behaviour viewers have seen so far of the Brighton fishmonger with podcast host Arielle Free saying he loses his head quite easily.READ NEXT: Love Island Danica's hottest snaps - braless displays, lingerie and sexy cowgirlIn Monday's episode, viewers saw tensions rise in the villa after word got back to Luca that Gemma had agreed with Dami's prediction that her head could be turned if someone else suited to her entered.Luca was left unimpressed that Gemma didn't pull him aside first to tell him what had been discussed as it was her ex-boyfriend Jacques who revealed what had been said.It was clear the 23-year-old was angry with the situation as he sat down to discuss it with Gemma, although this isn't the first time viewers have seen the couple share a heated exchange.Picking up on this, Arielle Free said that Luca had a "skill" of losing his head quite easily which we've seen during his conversations with Gemma.Awkwardly laughing at her statement, former Love Islander Ikenna said she was "brutal".Ari continued: "He does though doesn't he right? Like him and Gemma come on! He's really in love with her we get it but he keeps doing things to really push her away in my opinion."Amber then interjected saying that Luca is "a little bit of a brat".Podcast host Kem Cetinay then asked Amber and Ikenna what it is really like between Gemma and Luca inside the villa.He said: "A lot of people say that it's even [with how they both
Love Island Winter set to finally return as two series are confirmed for 2023
ITV has confirmed the winter version will be back.The dawn of 2023 will see Love Island return to South Africa to find love in a swanky villa, after the winter version was previously rested.Then in the summer, another group of singletons will head to Majorca for an eight-week run and a chance to find love.READ MORE: Love Island's Amber Beckford shares – then deletes – fiery clip of Ekin-Su being slammedNew data has confirmed that the current series' launch was the biggest programme of the year so far for 16-34-year-olds, so there's no surprise ITV are wanting to take advantage of its popularity.It was streamed 7.5million times, while the series so far has been streamed 74m times.There have been a number of huge success stories from Love Island, with the show spawning a handful of weddings and babies after contestants met and fell in love in the televised villa.Season two winners Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey said: "We both went on the show to have a laugh and also hopefully find love, and that is exactly what we did… we had fun, we fell in love, and here we are six years later married, two beautiful children, a dog and a lovely house."We are still very lucky to be in the public’s hearts and minds, and wherever we are in the world, we always get somebody asking how we are or stopping us for a selfie."Without being on Love Island we would never even have met.”Dom Lever, who met wife Jess Shears on season three, said: “For me Love Island changed everything about my life.
Love Island's Amber Beckford shares – then deletes – fiery clip of Ekin-Su being slammed
Love Island's Amber Beckford was quick to delete a Instagram story she shared from a fan on TikTok.The 24-year-old has since left the ITV2 dating show shortly after a row ensued between she and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, after Jay told Ekin-Su he could thought "Amber and Paige didn't like [her]". READ MORE: Antigoni's mum hints she didn't know about Love Island show stint as she praises star Amber has just landed back in the UK after she was dumped from the villa after getting the least public votes, while Ekin-Su sailed through.Now, days after her exit, she's shared a clip from one viewer who took to TikTok to share her filter-free thoughts on Ekin-Su.Do you have a story about one of this year's Love Island stars? Contact us at staronlineshowbiz@reachplc.comShe said in the video seen by Daily Star that she's "sick of the Amber slander", adding: "If you watch back the clips where she's p***ed, it's because somebody is talking nonsense."I understand that you lot's warrior and queen is Ekin-Su, in my opinion she's a bizzle, how are you big 27 years old?"The fan said she didn't like Ekin-Su when she came in but has warmed to her, but added: "You lot need to stop idolising her because you're telling me you want to be touching 30 and acting like that? No."She went on to say that all Ekin-Su has done is "talk about Davide".In the final part of the clip, which Amber shared with the caption: "Period [cry face emoji, love heart emoji]", she said: "Obviously you're going to sit there and be like ugh cool man do you ever stop talking?"Bearing in mind Ekin-Su came into this house on volts - 'listen girls, I'm not here to be your friend!'."Amber shared the clip to her profile but has since made the decision to delete it.A row ensued between
Eagle-eyed Love Island fans squirm after spotting creepy crawly in Indiyah’s hair
Love Island fans were completely grossed out after spotting a creepy crawly scuttling around in Indiyah Polack hair whilst flirting up a storm with Dami Hope.During Monday’s instalment of the popular ITV2 dating show, viewers were treated to a dramatic 24-hours in the Spanish villa, after Amber Beckford and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu locked horns about their rocky relationships.But they weren’t the only ones causing a stir in the luxury lodgings last night, as Dami put the moves on the 23-year-old hotel waitress after he confessed to her that he wanted to be in her bed.READ MORE: Love Island Jay Younger's pal defends star as he slams ex-girlfriend psychopath claimsAs the chemistry continues to sizzle between the two, fans can’t help but ship their blossoming romance on screen.Want all the last villa gossip straight to your inbox? Sign up for our daily Love Island newsletter HERE.Yet, many fans couldn’t help but feel distracted during the romantic moment after they spotted a fly was scurrying around in the brunette beauty’s luscious hair.The Londoner had pulled her long locks up into a sleek ponytail which put her signature blonde streaks on full display.But nestled in her perfectly placed baby hairs was a small fly which was wriggling around as the star remained blissfully unaware of its presence.Do you have a story about one of this year's Love Island stars? Contact us at staronlineshowbiz@reachplc.comAnd fan couldn’t help but share their disgust at the awkward moment as they flooded to Twitter to share their thoughts on her new six-legged friend online.One user penned: “Does Indiyah know she has a bug crawling over her head right now.
Love Island viewers threaten to make Ofcom complaint after brutal cliff-hanger ending
Love Island fans were glued to their screens for another explosive episode.We saw plenty of drama with a huge argument between Ekin-Su and Amber and Dami starting to move closer to Indiyah.But Love Island viewers were most annoyed about how the episode ended.READ MORE: Love Island legend Anna Vakili slams previous winners in scathing attackOn Sunday night, viewers were asked to vote for their favourite contestants via the Love Island app.The Islanders who received the fewest votes are at risk of being dumped from the villa.The results of the public vote were revealed on Monday night, with Andrew, Jay and Ikenna receiving the fewest votes out of the boys.Want all the last villa gossip straight to your inbox? Sign up for our daily Love Island newsletter HEREMeanwhile, Amber Beckford, Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Tasha Ghouri received the fewest votes out of the girls meaning they all faced the brutal dumping which will air later tonight (June 21).Just before the credits rolled at the end of Monday's episode the Islanders received a text saying which boy and which girl was going home but then the show ended without viewers knowing the result.Viewers took to Twitter to complain about the major cliff-hanger with many saying that they were going to complain to Ofcom.Do you have a story about one of this year's Love Island stars? Contact us at staronlineshowbiz@reachplc.comOne said: "Calling Ofcom about these cliffhangers cause it’s not on anymore"Another tweeted: "Me in bed tonight after complaining to Ofcom about ITV and their d****ss cliff-hangers"A third complained: " Need to complain to Ofcom about these f***ng cliffhangers"While a fourth threatened: "I’m sending an Ofcom complaint about these cliffhangers"And a fifth said: "Nah
Love Island's Tasha and Andrew 'won't leave together' if one is dumped from villa
Love Island with six of the hopefuls facing elimination from the show - including two current couples.After Sunday's episode ended with the public being able to vote for their favourite contestants, the Islanders were informed of the situation on Monday evening.Six Islanders have found themselves to be in the bottom selection when it comes to the public vote in ITV2's popularity poll.Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Jay Younger, Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page and also Amber Beckford and Ikenna Ekwonna are now at risk being axed. The dramatic twist will see one girl and boy leave the villa immediately after being voted the least popular in the poll.Want all the last villa gossip straight to your inbox? Sign up for our daily Love Island newsletter HERECurrently, Andrew and Tasha are paired together, as are Ekin-Su and Jay - meaning there's a risk of a forced split.We've seen couples in previous series' end up going home together, but the big difference here is that this time around, it's the public's decision, whereas previously it was left to the Islanders to make the call.On the official Love Island: The Morning After podcast, Arielle Free and former winner Kem Cetinay were joined by Will Manning and Lauren Layfield to speak about who might be going home.Do you have a story about one of this year's Love Island stars? Contact us at staronlineshowbiz@reachplc.comWill went for Andrew and Tasha, saying: "It's not been great TV," but Lauren noted: "If Andrew and Tasha stay in, they're going to have to analyse the relationship and why they were in the bottom three - could that cause drama? I want to see them tested."They then spoke of Ikenna and Ekin-Su being sent home, saying: "Tasha won't go without Andrew.
Love Island fans worried as six stars face imminent axe in brutal bottom two twist
Love Island fans have become worried that their favourite contestants could be set to leave the villa after Monday's programme.Six Islanders have found themselves to be in the bottom selection when it comes to the public vote in ITV2's popularity poll.Ekin-Su and Jay Younger, Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page and also Amber Beckford and Ikenna Ekwonna are now at risk being axed.Monday's programme ended on a cliff hanger with all stars stood around the fire pit awaiting their fate.The dramatic twist will see one girl and boy leave the villa immediately after being voted the least popular in the poll.Fans will have to wait until Tuesday's episode to know which two will face the chop.Meanwhile, Ekin-Su found herself in another heated situation on Monday after she was accused of being a "game playing" by Amber Beckford.She told her bluntly: "I feel like upstairs, you've been really genuine and we’ve seen a vulnerable side to you."But I will add, over the last couple of days I've thought 'Is she playing a bit of a game?'"I think you're playing a bit of a game and enjoying the drama."Gemma Owen added that it was not just Amber who felt like this and added that many of the girls wondered how "genuine" she was.Their beef stems from the fact they did not like the way Ekin-Su treated her ex TV partner Davide Sanclimenti last week and cheated on him in the villa with Jay Younger.The furious Italian told her she should win an Oscar for her lies.Her antics have also given her lots of airtime and made her a huge talking point among fans.However the hot-headed lass was left fuming and told them she was "really p****d off"’ by their accusations.She hissed: "All you're saying doesn’t make sense.