Tiger Lily: Last News


A look inside Paula Yates' daughter Tiger Lily’s idyllic life in Australia away from the spotlight

Tiger Lily Hutchence-Geldof exudes the unmistakable rock star aura of her father, the late INXS frontman Michael Hutchence. At just 26 years old, Tiger Lily has already inherited her father's musical talent and is making waves in the music industry. Now living in Fremantle, Australia, Tiger Lily is flourishing in her career as a musician. Born Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily, she was always known as Tiger Lily but today prefers to use the name Heavenly.  Tiger Lily is now living in Freemantle in AustraliaHer life down under is a paradise of surfing, meditation, and yoga - a world away from the gritty London drugs scene that killed both her mother in 2000 and her half-sister Peaches, who also died of a heroin overdose aged 25 in 2014.Last month, the young singer-songwriter quietly released her debut album, Tragic Tiger's Sad Meltdown - a tongue-in-cheek title borrowed from a magazine headline.On the album notes she writes: "Most of the songs are about my sister Peaches who I lost as a teenager so singing them aloud felt very potent but my band always made me feel held.

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