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Joy Behar makes emotional revelation about how much The View has changed
The View in the late nineties, with over a dozen hosts coming in and leaving – or getting fired – and changes in format.MORE: Whoopi Goldberg defends Rebel Wilson in powerful statementNow, as the original hosts, Joy Behar, Debbie Matenopoulos, Meredith Vieira and Star Jones, reunite, Joy is opening about just how much change she's faced as the last of the original hosts to still be a part of the show, and how it hasn't always been easy.The View was created just two years after the dot-com boom in 1995, and the host revealed just how much she believes the Internet and social media are responsible for the show changing, and for it being a harder job than ever before.WATCH: Joy makes insensitive comment about Russia's invasion of UkraineMORE: Former The View host makes surprising revelation about the show's pastSince her other three former co-hosts left the show before social media became so influential, she told them: "You guys also missed the Twitter era, you missed Facebook…" to which they quickly let out a round of "thank god's," admitting that they could not have handled it."Everything I say now is discussed," Joy said, and Debbie went on to confess: "That's probably one of the hardest things of having done that show is the public criticism."She went on to recall: "No matter what, you would walk out on the street and someone would tell you to your face what they hated about what you said that day."A post shared by The View (@theviewabc)The hosts open up about how different the show is nowThe long-lasting host then discussed the same topic with her current co-stars, and she admitted that one of the biggest changes came not only after the boom of social media, but when Donald Trump became president.MORE: The View