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'My husband cheated after 22 years – so I dumped him and slept with 8 men'

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married for 22 years.After she found out the heart-breaking news she quickly threw him out the house and began divorce proceedings.She told The New York Post: "I was 47 years old and I expected to be with the same man for the rest of my life."As she began picking up the pieces of her shattered life, she saw an opportunity.

Because she had never really dated in her 20s, she wanted to make up for lost time.She downloaded Tinder, accepted blind dates, and uncovered a part of her personality she had hidden for decades. “You now have the freedom to do whatever you want,” Williams told The Post about her revelation. “If you want to sleep with two men on the same day, you can.

If you want to have a tryst in the middle of the day, you’re free. The only person who can judge you is yourself. And if you’re fine with it, screw everyone else.”And so she did this, sleeping with eight men which she writes about in her book Available.

In the book she gives an insight into dating in at midlife, which she calls her 'superpower.' She also explains the dates that she went one and talks about one man who she slept with because she had been fitting into the “nice, PTA mom” version of herself: the woman who would always say yes, even if she wasn’t entirely into the idea.She said: “(The question was) do I feel like sleeping with you now?” “And it’s a literal yes or no.

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