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Man stole suitcase containing Burberry scarf - then wore it while burgling railway station the next day

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A man who pinched a suitcase from a train wore the Burberry scarf he discovered inside as he burgled a railway station the next day.

Scott Connolly, from Stockport, enjoyed a festive crime spree on December 30 and 31 last year. Manchester Magistrates Court heard how Connolly, 43, first stole a suitcase belonging to a passenger on a train.

It contained items worth more than £1,000, including a Burberry scarf. The case was later found abandoned with most of the contents missing, including the scarf. READ MORE: Join the FREE Manchester Evening News WhatsApp community But on the following day, New Year's Eve, Connolly wore the luxury scarf as he carried out his next crime.

The court heard Connolly illegally entered the staffroom at Macclesfield railway station, in Cheshire. He emerged shortly afterwards with a rucksack and a TK Maxx carrier bag, which both belonged to staff members.

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