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Bizarre North Korean propaganda video features girl, 11, saying 'everything is fine'

North Korean propaganda video has been posted featuring an 11-year-old girl who insists that despite reports of a runaway coronavirus outbreak, “everyone is just fine” in the totalitarian state. The girl, who says her name is “Song-a”, is apparently a Harry Potter fan and learned English from her mum.“Just like this, everything is under control as it used to be and everyone is just fine!”READ MORE:North Korea lifts Covid-19 restrictions despite recording almost 100k cases a day“Pyongyang where I live is a very beautiful and magnificent city,” she says in one of the clips.

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North Korea launches submarine projectile days after tests, say South Korea officials
North Korea appears to have fired a ballistic missile into the sea just days after the last test.Kim Jong-un's missile was projected off the North Korean east coast, according to South Korea’s military, and Yonhap news agency believes it was a submarine-launched ballistic missile.Japan's defence ministry also confirmed this, as they tweeted that the projectile could be a ballistic missile.Reports say there has been a significant increase in missile testing by North Korea this year, with leader Kim stating the exercises are being carried out to protect the country from foreign threats to the state, reports the Mirror.In a speech at a military parade last week, he also claimed his nuclear force was not only tasked with preventing war through deterrence, but potentially carrying out strikes against anyone who violates the North's "fundamental interests.’'On Wednesday, North Korea fired a ballistic missile towards the sea off its east coast, South Korea and Japan said, after Pyongyang vowed to develop its nuclear forces "at the fastest possible speed".The United States assessed that North Korea was preparing its Punggye-ri nuclear test site and could be ready to conduct a test there as early as this month, State Department deputy spokesperson Jalina Porter said.This incident comes as South Korea's president-elect Yoon Suk-yeol takes office on Tuesday.To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here .North Korea has said that it opposes war and that its nuclear weapons are for self-defence.
North Korea ‘preparing to hold military parade‘ to mark 110th birthday of its founder
North Korea as they wait to see if the secretive country will hold a military parade to mark the birthday of its founder, Kim Il Sung.Such parades are not rare in the country, with paranoid dictator Kim Jong Un – Kim Il Sung’s grandson – often keen to show off his military capabilities, but there hasn’t been one for seven months.There were reports of jets and helicopters being heard flying low over the centre of the capital Pyongyang on Thursday night, and roads were apparently closed in parts of the capital, suggesting a spectacular event was getting under way.But soldiers appeared to be continuing their parade training at a military base in the city this morning, with NK News reporting that they didn’t march through the city last night after all.NK News says a parade could take place tonight instead.In recent years, North Korea has held its military parades at night before broadcasting an edited version on state TV a few hours later, reports The Japan Times.For the latest breaking news and stories from across the globe from the Daily Star, sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.The waiting game comes as the current leader Kim has been ramping up tensions in the region once again.Last month he was snapped laughing and joking as his forces tested an intercontinental ballistic missile for the first time since 2017, and reports have suggested the country is gearing up for its first test of a nuclear bomb in nearly half a decade.The United States has recently sent an aircraft carrier group to the waters between the Korean Peninsula and Japan for the first time since 2017.
Kim Jong-un missile blunder as 'two killed when university hit by North Korea test fire'
North Korean missile exploded in mid-air and damaged various parts of Pyongyang city university, potentially killing two people according to reports.Intelligence authorities said that the Hwasong-17, which North Korea fired from the Pyongyang Sunan Airfield on the 16th, damaged "major facilities" in the capital's down town area, "blowing off" the roof of the Kim Jong-il Political and Military University.Information that two people were killed in the explosion on the same day is being analysed by officials.A high-ranking intelligence official said: "The missile fragments did not fall like hail on a private house, but major facilities in downtown Pyongyang were damaged."A large crater was blown into the ground near the Kim Jong-il Political and Military University, about 9km from Pyongyang Sunan Airfield, the paper reported.Part of the university's roof was blown off, it is claimed, while two people reportedly died in the explosion.The missile launch is understood to be the 10th of its kind this year, showing renewed intent by the hermit kingdom to improve weapons systems which have long-evaded it.Lee Choon Geun, an honorary research fellow at South Korea's Science and Technology Policy Institute, told CBS News that if the missile's toxic fuels fell on civilian residential areas in North Korea, they would likely cause a major health impact.The school is based on North Korea’s top military academy, Kim Il Sung Military University.
Dennis Rodman became friends with Kim Jong-un by 'mistake' after bonding over basketball
NBA basketball star Dennis Rodman’s friendship with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was sparked by accident after the Chicago Bulls legend had no idea where he was going.The event sparked a friendship which saw Rodman repeatedly return to the country and even had the leader of North Korea ask him if he could take him to “America”.Rodman believed the trip in February 2013 was for a usual basketball game and autograph signing booked by his agent, Darren Prince.But it was later revealed that Prince had no idea there was a difference between South and North Korea and Rodman himself had no idea of the country.The former Detroit Pistons star made the journey to Pyongyang and had the red carpet rolled out for him by basketball fan Kim.However, bravely Rodman changed his mind about competing after turning up at the arena for the game.He was then approached by a number of men in black suits that caused him to think he might be ending up in jail.According to Yahoo Sports, the men took him up to the stand to a table overlooking the entire court.A confused Rodman would then hear a huge applause and believed it was the fans who spotted him so he began to wave back to them.Embarrassingly they were not cheering for him but their leader who just walked past to sit down next to Rodman.Using an interpreter, Kim began asking Rodman how he was to which the stat replied: “I still don’t know what the f**k is going on.”Kim was later revealed to be a huge fan of the legendary Championship-winning Chicago Bulls team that contained Rodman, Scottie Pippen, and Michael Jordan.Speaking to Yahoo! Sports, Rodman said: “I don’t even know this guy.
North Korea flaunt new missiles as Kim Jong-un inspects facilities amid rising tensions
Kim Jong-un has visited a munitions factory producing a "major weapon system" after North Korea conducted more weapons tests and unveiled their latest missiles.The rogue leader has celebrated "leaping progress in producing major weapons" for the role it plays in modernising the country's armed forces.One of the country's latest missiles includes an upgraded long-range cruise missile.Tensions remain rampant after the country carried out a series of seven weapons tests already in 2022, already surpassing the total amount of missiles it launched last year.This has been met with significant condemnation from international countries with the US pushing for new and imposed sanctions.An update has now been carried out on the long-range cruise missile system that was tested on Tuesday. North Korean state media have said that Kim didn't attend the tests for these missiles, but during a visit to the munitions factory he celebrated "leaping progress in producing major weapons".Kim Jong-un said: "The factory holds a very important position and duty in modernising the country's armed forces and realising the national defence development strategy."State media did not specify the weapons or the factory's location.It was reported last week that North Korea would strengthen its defenses against the US and consider resuming "all temporally-suspended activities".Kim Jong-un called for "an all-out drive" to produce "powerful, cutting-edge arms" at the munitions factory.His workers praised his commitment to "smashing ...
North Korea threatens to resume dangerous nuclear tests over 'hostility' from US military
North Korea has threatened to scrap its self-imposed ban on testing long-range missiles and nuclear weapons after tensions mounted with America once again.The dictatorship lashed out at American "military threats" and said the country had reached a "danger line".Leader Kim Jong-un met with powerful North Korean figureheads to discuss potential countermeasures to American hostility, North Korean state media has reported.The KCNA news agency said: "The hostile policy and military threats of the United States have reached a danger line that cannot be overlooked any more despite our sincere efforts for maintaining the general tide for the relaxation of tensions".The policymaking committee are said to have examined whether they should restart "all temporally-suspended activities" and had a rethink of "trust-building measures that we took on our own initiative".A rethink from the North Korean dictator comes after President Joe Biden's administration announced fresh sanctions on six North Koreans involved in the regime's missile plans.The six were linked to North Korean weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programmes.New sanctions followed a series of missile tests by North Korea, including two tests of what Pyongyang claimed to be a hypersonic missile.North Korea has not tested its nuclear weapons or its long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) since 2017, but tests for short-range missiles began in 2019.The short-range tests began shortly after denuclearisastion talks broke down with the US and Donald Trump's administration at a failed summit.Professor Yang Moo-jin of the University of North Korean Studies said the KCNA report was "quite disturbing" as North Korea appeared to be gearing up to "cross