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Four Johnstone thugs jailed after abducting and assaulting two young men

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Four Johnstone thugs have been jailed after they abducted and assaulted two young men.Liam Muggins, Reece Little, Nathan McLeod and Liam McNamee abducted and assaulted Jack Tustian and John Boyd in January 2020, and subjected them both to horrific and violent assaults at a flat in Johnstone’s High Street.

Yesterday at Paisley Sheriff Court, Sheriff Tom McCartney ordered that each of the four thugs were jailed branding their behaviour as “thuggish” and “gang like.” Following a trial at the town’s court, the four hooligans were found guilty by a jury of the abduction and assaults.The jury found the gang to have abducted Jack Tustian on January 26, 2020, where they forced him into an unlit cupboard in a flat in Johnstone’s High Street, closed the door and detained him there against his will.The twisted foursome assaulted Tustian by seizing hold of him, repeatedly punch and kick him on the head and body and demanded that he give them his mobile phone and then threatened to stab him while in possession of a screwdriver, all causing him injury.John Boyd was also abducted and assaulted on the same date by the gang who detained him against his will in an unlit cupboard.The group seized hold of him, demand that he kneeled down, repeatedly punched and kicked him on the head and body, repeatedly struck him on the head and body with a screwdriver and demand that he gave them his mobile phone.After the trial concluded, Muggins, 22, admitted his part in the traumatic incident.Muggins defence agent, Terry Gallanagh explained his client was “an extremely young immature man” at the time of the offence and has since moved on in his life as he is soon to be a father of twoMr Gallanagh added: “He accepts responsibility and he makes it clear

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