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Escape to the Chateau’s Angel Strawbridge spills on ‘really challenging’ issue at home

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Escape to the Chateau has become a bestselling brand via the TV series featuring Angel and Dick Strawbridge and their spin-off merchandise ranges, comprising everything from wallpaper to furnishings and fragrance.

Although the pair purchased the chateau with their business interests in mind, Angel also desired a "family home" - and she can struggle to strike the balance.Even home life itself can be difficult for her, with a stressed Angel confessing that she and Dick, 62, would be happy "anywhere" if they could get a day off from the demands of their children."It's all about finding that balance within your life," she shared in a new interview."It has been really challenging for me but I think we are getting there!"While juggling TV filming sessions, weddings and events held at the chateau and of course the task of ferrying the children to and from school, the busy 44-year-old has declared that her priority is being able to "take time out".In fact, she has confided her schedule has been so action-packed that something as simple as going clothes shopping is in the realm of fantasy right now.Angel has also been reminiscing about her childhood in the Essex seaside town of Clacton-on-Sea and the relationship she enjoyed with her father, flying kites.Sometimes Angel is all about recreating life's simple pleasures for her own family.Whenever she's able, she takes son Arthur, eight, and daughter Dorothy, seven, to the beach to build sandcastles.The family's hobbies also include collecting eggs from their chickens, which Angel says elicits smiles and giggles from the children.During her interview with House Beautiful, Angel also admitted that one of her husband's favourite pastimes was watching her "potter around" in the.

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