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Doja Cat claims Twitter isn’t letting her send replies as she calls fans “nerds” and tells some to “shut the fuck up”

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Doja Cat has claimed that Twitter “isn’t letting me reply to anything now” as she went on a rant that saw her turn against fans and others online.The singer-rapper wrote “people r so fuckin dumb istg it’s terrifying” yesterday (August 3), the context of which is unknown.

Doja’s post prompted some fans and Twitter users to call her out for they perceived was her being unnecessarily negative and immature.“Can you please grow up lmao,” wrote one person. “All you do is come online and rant about stuff.

It’s never anything positive or being grateful. Just constant negativity, it’s so embarrassing and sad tbh.”Doja called the person a “nerd” and told them to “shut the fuck up”.shut the fuck up nerd nobody gives a fuck— smell it (@DojaCat) August 3, 2022However, the user went on to claim that she “loved” Doja and asked her to stop fighting with fans who called her out on her behaviour. “Doja….

Girl… we love u lmao.. u don’t gotta come at us,” the fan wrote. Doja replied: “Ur being a cringe ass nerd please stop.”ur being a cringe ass nerd please stop— smell it (@DojaCat) August 3, 2022Elsewhere, Doja told a Twitter user to “suck my fucking dick and eat my balls bitch” after they mentioned “all the controversy you have”.suck my fucking dick and eat my balls bitch— smell it (@DojaCat) August 3, 2022After a few more tense exchanges Doja shared a screenshot that alleged she was no longer able to reply to tweets.

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