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Chris Rock Shreds Will Smith With Slap Jokes: ‘Everybody Called Him a B—- And Who Did He Hit? Me’

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Meredith Woerner Deputy Editor, Variety.com Almost a year after the infamous Oscars slap, comedian Chris Rock is finally addressing what happened in his live Netflix special, “Selective Outrage.” After an hour of new material, the comedian dove into what thousands of audience members had been waiting to hear, breaking down the aftermath of the on-stage smack between him and Oscar-winner Will Smith. “You all know what happened to me, getting smacked by Suge Smith, everybody knows, everybody fucking knows,” Rock said. “I got smacked like a year ago… and people are like, ‘Did it hurt?’ It still hurts.

I got ‘Summertime’ ringing in my ears.” Despite the pressure from the press, Rock is adamant that you won’t see him dissecting it on a talk show. “I’m not a victim baby, you will never see me on Oprah or Gayle [King] crying.

You will never see it… It’s never going to happen. Fuck that shit, I took that shit like [Manny] Pacquiao.” As for whether the slap hurt, Rock was direct. “Will Smith is significantly bigger than me, we are not the same size.

Will Smith does movies with his shirt off. You’ve never seen me do a movie with my shirt off. If I’m in a movie getting open heart surgery, I got on a sweater.

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