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Chris Pratt Shares the 'Big Difference' Between Raising Son Jack & His Daughters

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Chris Pratt is opening up about fatherhood. If you didn’t know, 44-year-old Guardians of the Galaxy actor shares 11-year-old son Jack with ex-wife Anna Faris and daughters Lyla, 3, and Eloise, 23 months, with current wife Katherine Schwarzenegger.

In a new interview, Chris opened up about the “differences” between raising his son and his daughters. Keep reading to find out more…“I hate to make generalizations based on gender but, in my experience, girls are more emotional,” Chris told E!

News. “They’ve got me wrapped around their finger. It’s wild.” While all three of kids are “cuddly and snuggly,” Chris said that he finds his daughters require a softer touch and “don’t like to rough house as much.” “I’ll hit them with a pillow and they’ll go, ‘Daddy, that hurt my feelings,’” Chris shared. “They like to hear stories more than they like to wrestle.” Another “big difference” between raising a son and his daughters for Chris is the amount of planning that’s involved in their day-to-day-lives, noting that his daughters “take after their mother, who is incredibly organized.” “But even the differences between my two daughters, just goes to show that every child is a little bit different,” Chris added. Chris also said that recently he’s been drawn more to taking voiceover work – with roles in The Garfield Movie and The Super Mario Bros.

Movie – because they are “the types of roles that allow me to be home.” “It works nicely to have a job that allows me to put my kids to bed at night and be present,” Chris shared. “Taking a voice work means that’s a movie that I don’t have to be on the road.” In another recent interview, Chris revealed wife Katherine‘s celebrity “hall pass.”

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