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Charlie Puth Doesn't Care About Having the Hit Song Anymore

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. A perfectionist who counter-intuitively loves to his unpolished drafts and demos. A shitposter with the emotional range to drop a on Instagram one week, then a recalling the most brutal breakup of his life the next.

And that special brand of shamelessness is what makes Puth's latest release—a bop-filled, self-titled album called —so endearingly and inimitably him.  “It's a big deal for me, because at the very beginning of my career, it was more about having the hit song, the hit record,” Puth admits. “Nobody necessarily cared about who was singing it… I've never put out music that is truly Charlie, that's truly myself—my personality with some melody attached to it.

And that's what this album is.”Charlie is an unexpectedly punchy tribute to the misery of losing a lover (and yourself) in the throws of a toxic relationship.

Puth has been tight-lipped on the lover in question, but the arc of his fling with singer Charlotte Lawrence bears an uncanny resemblance. “I have a song called 'That's Hilarious,' where I went through a treacherous relationship and it was like an emotional, manipulative tennis match between two people," Puth says of the new album's second single. "And I became a pretty bad, ugly person in the midst of all that.”It took three years for Puth to process the fallout and find closure.

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