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Alicia Keys pays homage to Tina Turner in a moving tribute

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Tina Turner died this past Wednesday, causing ripples in the music community. Alicia Keys took a moment to share some of her most treasured memories of Turner, including some photos alongside her and a tribute to her artistry and strenght.

Tina Turner’s husband Erwin Bach: the man who loved her rightTina Turner died at 83 after a ‘long illness’Tina Turner’s biological and step children: learn about their livesA post shared by Alicia Keys (@aliciakeys)The post is made up of a photo and a video.

The photo shows Keys alongside some of her icons, including Halle Berry, Oprah and Turner herself. The video shows some background on that special moment, which was a gathering of all of these special women organized by Oprah.

The clip explains that Oprah invited them all without letting the others know, resulting in a surprising and nourishing experience for everyone involved.

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