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You can tell a lot about a person from their food secrets

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Creme Eggs … I can never stop at one. They remind me of being a little boy,” one gym-honed British thesp replied. Or, from the mouth of a sylph-like sex symbol: “Ritz biscuits with Primula cheese and Branston pickle.

I carry them in my suitcase to keep me sane. ”What we eat to make us feel comforted is very personal. It's also often a little embarrassingHang on … what?!

Let’s talk about this! For me, these are the real questions. Go-to breakfasts, secret snack concoctions, favourite biscuits and the details of their regular Domino’s pizza order: that’s when you see the real human being.

Name-checking a favourite restaurant tells me very little about a person, but you can tell a lot from what they eat behind closed doors.

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