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When should you do a lateral flow test and when to take a PCR - all you need to know

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lateral flow test and when to take a PCR? As Coronavirus numbers rise in Scotland, you might want to make sure you aren't positive and at risk of passing it on to your loved ones, friends and colleagues.

There are two main ways of checking if you have coronavirus. One is called a PCR test and the other is called a rapid lateral flow test Anyone testing positive for the virus is legally required to self-isolate, even if you've had one or two doses or even no doses of a Covid-19 vaccine .

So what test do you take and when? Here we explain when you should take a PCR test and when you should take a Rapid Flow Test.Which test you get will depend on whether or not you have any symptoms.The symptoms to look out for, even if mild, are:A high.

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