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Vile teen raped woman in bushes after threatening to kill man she was on first date with

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A vulgar teenage rapist told his victim he would kill the man she was on a first date with if he didn't have sex with her before he dragged her into a bush and raped her.

Sean Robinson, 18, has been put behind bars for the vile attack after he knocked a man unconscious then told the female he was with 'if you come and have sex with me I will not kill him'.

The man and woman had been walking home from a successful first date in Sunderland when Robinson, who was 17 at the time, ambushed them and brutally attacked the man until he was unconscious.

The teenager forced the woman into the bushes to rape her, telling her to 'stop crying like a baby' and he would kill the man if she dared to stop, the Mirror reports.

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