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Thugs who butchered dogs with hammers and knives in broad daylight unmasked

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THESE are the shocking images that show armed thugs corner their victim and his dogs before butchering the animals as part of a revenge attack.Four men wielding hammers and steak knives brazenly chased another man and his two Alsatians into an Edinburgh shop in broad daylight.Fearing for his life, the man barricaded himself inside the Premier Calder Park Supermarket, leaving his dogs trapped and cowering in fear.The animals, which appear to pose no threat, were stabbed, slashed and bludgeoned with hammers in the sickening attack.One local told the Record: "This was terrifying.

There were at least four young men - all dressed in black and with masks - chasing one guy and his two dogs all around the Calders estate.“They were tooled up with hammers and knives."They cornered the guy at a local shop and he managed to sort of close the door and barricade himself inside"But these two Alsatian dogs were still outside the shop trying to protect their owner."That's when the gang decided to set about the dogs.“One was stabbed to death and the other looked touch and go."I live nearby and I can tell you people are disgusted and shocked that this happened in broad daylight.“This was a row of busy shops in the middle of the estate and there were kids around looking on.

It's horrific.”One of the gang members appeared to film the incident on his mobile phone.Locals had watched in horror as the mindless bloodbath was carried out on Friday afternoon.Bystanders, including a man pushing a baby in a pram, were ignored as the thugs taunted their intended target.The ring leader yelled, “Ya f***ing sh***bag” as they closed in.A woman, who did not wish to be identified said: “I was waiting in the queue when a man came running in with his two dogs

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