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This Morning host 'cracks' Coronation Street twist ahead of Kelly Neelan's exit

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Coronation Street 's Kelly Neelan and Gary Windass stars appeared on Friday's This Morning to tease their current explosive storyline.

In upcoming scenes, Kelly's revenge plot goes horribly wrong and sees her suddenly not only fighting to save Gary's life, who she wanted dead for killing her dad Rick Neelan, but also fighting to save her own.Talking about the storyline, This Morning host Dermot O'Leary asked Millie Gibson and Mikey North, who play Kelly and Gary: "In terms of this climax, right, Millie you've confirmed you're leaving the soap. "We know someone is going to get shot tonight, we don't know who, am I just joining the dots here or are you going to do a switcheroo on us?" To which Mikey replied: "We have to be so careful what we say but someone is getting shot tonight, there is a gun, Millie is leaving." Dermot then decided to give his theory of what happens, saying: "Here's what I think is going to happen, I think that one of you is going to end up shooting the hitman. "You're [Millie's character Kelly] going to shoot the hitman and you're [Mikey's character Gary] going to go: 'You've got to get out, like I'll cover for you' and that's how you leave." The two stars neither confirmed nor denied the theory with Mikey sarcastically replying: "He's got it, Dermot O'Leary, fantastic, brilliant!" While Alison Hammond then shared her theory, saying she thinks Kelly will get shot while trying to save Gary from the hitman.To which Kelly star Millie joked: "You should write!" Earlier this week, Kelly asked and offered £10K to gangster Kieron to kill Gary after finding out he was behind her father's murder, resulting in him being kidnapped.

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