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The X Factor icon deletes OnlyFans account over ‘sexual content’

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The X Factor 2010. It was the year that One Direction were, somehow, runners up and Matt Cardle won. AND it was the year the UK was introduced to Brazilian-born retired PE teacher, Wagner.

He got all the way through to the final. He did. But what of Wagner now? Well, the fates give and they take away. Just days (days!) ago Wagner announced that he'd joined OnlyFans and would be charging fans £8 for content, promising that nothing is "off limits",But the dream has come crashing down, and Wagner's OnlyFans account is no more.

Taking to Instagram and posing, for some reason, with a sword, the singer said, "TO ALL MY FANS. "I am going to delete my OnlyFans page because a lot of people were getting me wrong, thinking I was going to show sexual content there. "That was never my intention: I just wanted to motivate you to look after yourselves and have a fit body, and wanted to entertain you singing funny songs in a censorship free platform.

Sorry. . . "Oh well. Incidentally, have you seen Wagner lately?He looks, AMAZING. See?Back in 2019, when The X Factor was still a thing, Wagner threw his hat back into the ring saying he wanted to take part in the never-happened-in-the-end X Factor: All Stars. "I think The X Factor could do with some more interesting acts, not serious people who sing like they are suffering or dying. "People at home watch and go ‘That’s boring. ’ I make people smile wherever I go," he said.

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