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‘The Machine’ Review: Bert Kreischer Leads Obnoxious But Quick-Witted & Increasingly Funny Action Romp

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The Machine is loud, gross, obnoxious and overbearing. It’s also disarming, quick-witted, fast moving and becomes increasingly funny as it ends up in, of all places, Russia for its payoff scenes.

Presided over, if that is the right term, by the irrepressible Bert Kreischer, the big-gutted comedian who goes by the name The Machine and prefers to appear without a shirt on whenever possible, has landed his first big feature film at age 50 and continues the same comic shtick he’s been doing for years.

Lo and behold, it’s still pretty funny stuff. This is a big picture for a big guy, and Kreischer is so persistent, and persistently off the wall, that it’s finally far easier to enjoy the party than to carp and resist.

Kreischer makes a point of performing with his shirt off when at all possible, something that becomes a tad strange in Russia if rather less so in Florida, where we first meet Bert and his family at a big outdoor birthday party.

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