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Stephen Colbert Mocks Ted Cruz With Clips ‘Showing’ Him Landing On Mars For His Next Vacation

Depending on where they are in their respective orbits, Mars is about 34.8 to 250 million miles from Earth, and that’s how much distance Sen. Ted Cruz wants to put between him and his recent Cancún scandal.

Days after the Texan senator was dragged for taking his family on vacation while his state was suffering a catastrophic winter storm, Stephen Colbert took his turn mocking Cruz, 50, during the Feb.

22 episode of The Late Show. While showing a clip of NASA’s Perseverance rover landing down on Mars, a familiar voice was heard: “I’m Ted Cruz, and I’m going to Mars!” “Shouldn’t you be helping your state get its power back on?” asked the confused NASA worker. “Leaving when so many Texans were hurting, I took the first flight I could get,”

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