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Steph McGovern's partner 'awoke to find her screaming' after night terror about their baby

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Steph McGovern, 39, opened up about night terrors in an unearthed interview.These “scary” night terrors haunted her and focused on her losing a baby.They got so bad that she even woke her “poor partner” in the night as she was screaming due to the nightmares.In 2020, Steph revealed she had begun to seek therapy for her “horrendous” night terrors.The couple welcomed a baby daughter in late 2019.In her sleep, Steph would dream she had lost her baby.The 39-year-old explained: “I don’t ever actually feel stressed but the way it manifests in me is at night.“I have crazy dreams and awful night terrors.“When I was younger, it would be worrying about school stuff.“I once went out of the door and actually went to school — in my sleep, in my uniform — at two in the morning.”Steph added: “As I’ve got older, they have become more vivid.

And since having a baby, I will regularly wake up and think I’ve lost her.“I imagine she’s in bed with me and I’ve dropped her, or I’ve lost her.

Quite a few times, my partner has found me on the floor scrabbling around under things or in cupboards, looking for the baby.“I’m asleep — my brain isn’t working enough to know she actually is there, because I’m looking at things and I’m not seeing what’s really there.“I’m just seeing whatever my brain is tricking me into.”She recalled the time her partner woke to find her screaming and helped her calm down, saying: “It’s really quite scary.“And lately the night terrors are of not being able to do my job.“Last night, I thought I was live on the studio floor and saw a man exposing himself to me, pressing himself up naked against the glass.

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