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Russell Kane teases he'll ‘be bum in the air, facing camera' on new Steph’s Packed Lunch

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Russell Kane, 47, has teased that he might soon be asked to get into a rather undignified position on Steph’s Packed Lunch in an exclusive interview with star, who regularly appears alongside Steph McGovern, 40, on the Channel 4 show, spoke about the importance of busting taboos as part of Boots Taboo Talk podcast.Russell explained how he could see himself posed with his “bum in the air” live on TV for a good cause, in a wider chat about losing his virginity and why it's beneficial to talk about touchy subjects.Speaking about Steph’s Packed Lunch, he said: “We talk about a lot of stuff on there and we talk about it at lunch time. “Steph had a cervical smear live on tv and there’s no doubt in my mind I’ve got a prostate exam coming my way when the new series starts.“We will literally be bum in the air, facing the screen,” he added.“Talking about anything taboo is useful when it creates change for the better.That’s what people forget," he continued.“We’re not just talking about virginity, or cervical smears or prostate exams for a laugh.“Yes, it’s nice to get a laugh - but imagine if people start talking about that stuff more and someone goes for a test. “If you talk about taboos properly, you can evoke thoughtfulness with humour.

I’m so passionate about it, particularly with men.”Russell then went on to speak about how strongly he felt that taboos need to be lifted for men when it comes to talking about sensitive topics. “Honestly, men are such a mess and you don’t realise”, Russell said. “And I’m not suggesting women have it easy, but when it comes down to it, men die. “If you’re unlucky enough to be born a man, you’re more likely to die of everything: depression, suicide, cancer.

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