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Ron Johnson pushes Barnes on crime positions as GOP pulls ahead in Wisconsin race

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Republican Sen. Ron Johnson went after his Democratic challenger Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes' positions on crime Friday in the Wisconsin Senate debate, one of the most hotly contested races that could determine party control of the U.S.

Senate. Johnson has aimed numerous attacks at Barnes' previous statements on police funding and has accused him of adding to the anti-law enforcement riots of 2020.

In numerous ads, Johnson has painted Barnes as "dangerous" and contributing to a spike in crime, and on Friday he renewed his attacks on Barnes. "He says it pains him to see fully funded police budgets," Johnson said at one point, and elsewhere tied Barnes to the high crime.  "Because of that 'defund the police' effort, it is very difficult to recruit.

We are 1,000 officers below where we were in Wisconsin just from 2008, and people are having a very difficult time. Sheriffs are having a very difficult time recruiting new officers.

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