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Rogue builder and roofer warning in Salford

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A warning has been sent out over dodgy builders and roofers who may come knocking on doors in Salford. The city's trading standards team has sent out the alert after reports where vulnerable people have been targeted.

The work has either not been delivered or done to a poor standard, in some cases, for extortionate amounts of money with no written contracts in place.

A number of cases have been reported and there are criminal investigations taking place. Rogue traders will often call uninvited and pressure residents into agreeing to go ahead with work at short notice, say Salford city council.

The work they provide is often grossly overpriced and very poor quality. They often use pressure tactics to extract additional payments. READ MORE: Police have launched yet another raid on Counterfeit Street to tackle rogue traders operating 'under the radar' READ MORE: Shop forced to shut after 'unprecedented' illegal sales of vapes to children And, they regularly target vulnerable individuals, the elderly, and those who may be less familiar with the home improvement process, leaving them financially exploited and often with unsafe and unsatisfactory work completed.

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