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Pregnant home carer's nose ripped off by Bulldog-cross in horrifying Glasgow attack

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A pregnant home carer's nose was left 'HANGING OFF' when a bulldog-cross brutally attacked her - just minutes after walking into the patient's house.Mum-to-be Rebecca Scobie was visiting a woman's house as a home-care assistant on July 25 but within minutes of introducing herself was attacked by one of the family's four dogs.The 24-year-old's nose was ripped off by the son's bulldog cross-breed, and despite it being known to have an aggressive temperament and having to wear a muzzle on walks, Rebecca had not been warned.Left holding a 'chunk' of her nose as it gushed with blood, the mum-to-be was rushed by partner Aidan to A&E and since then she has undergone surgery to help reconstruct her nose at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.Despite the attack, Rebecca was 'distraught' that the dog was put down a day later, and claim she is saddened by the recent news of banning XL bullies as she believes 'a breed should never be judged'.However at 17-weeks-pregnant her 'baby bubble' has been broken and she now vows to be more cautious around them when her son is born - even with their two family-friendly spaniels.Rebecca, from Ardrossan in North Ayrshire, Scotland, said: "I had only just walked in and introduced myself and said 'Hi, I'm Rebecca'."One of the dogs had jumped onto the back of the couch so I reached out just to pet it, as I would any other dog."I was stood at the back of the couch, so I went to touch it and it all just happened really quickly.

I'd only been in the house for around two minutes."It snapped at my face and took away some of my nose."My nose just felt really numb.

There was a lot of adrenaline and I think because of nerve damage I couldn't really feel much of it."I just held my nose and turned to face the wall.

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