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Sublime releases first new song in 28 years featuring Bradley Nowell and his son

Sublime have released ‘Feel Like That’, their first new song in 28 years, featuring vocals from the late Bradley Nowell, the band’s original frontman and co-founder.The band, now fronted by Nowell’s son Jakob, released ‘Feel Like That’ on streaming platforms today (May 24). The song also features vocal contributions by the singer and Scott Woodruff, frontman of reggae band Stick Figure, who began work on the song before the band got involved.According to Rolling Stone, the hook of ‘Feel Like That’, sung by the elder Nowell, was taken from a jamming session by the band in 1996 at Pedernales Studio, which is owned by Willie Nelson and located in Austin, Texas.At the time, the trio – which consisted of Nowell alongside bassist Eric Wilson and drummer Bud Gaugh – had broken into an improvised song that would become the refrain on the band’s 2024 song: “Let me tell you why I feel like that”.The recording was never officially released by the band.

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Jools Holland caught totally naked backstage by Courtney Love: 'She just stayed there!'
During one interview with the New York Times, she greeted reporter Eric Wilson while completely naked, and then walked through the Mercer's hotel lobby in pink knickers with her breasts fully exposed.Looking back on the incident afterwards, she suggested she'd lived up to her "worst reputation" and texted the journalist to apologise.Meanwhile, Salvatore Calabrese later told the Guardian that she had been topless when he had delivered martinis to her at her hotel suite in the Lanesborough in London, too.Though Courtney might have been nonplussed about nudity, Jools has had so many memorable guests on his show that she's not the only one who stood out as he reviewed the past three decades on air.On one occasion, he was invited to sing with a then 12-year-old Adele before she'd even entered stage school via a note delivered backstage by her mum - but ultimately "never heard anything back"."I missed out there, rather, didn’t I?" he joked, highlighting the night she'd gone to see one of his musical performances at Croydon Fairfield Halls.Another missed opportunity was grilling the Gallagher brothers, as Paula Yates - his colleague from The Tube - ended up "collaring" them instead."There was a bit of Gallagher brother arguing when Oasis came on," the starstruck presenter reminisced, claiming it was "great" to have witnessed it.He then had a chat with Noel about cathedral architecture - a topic that seemingly ran in stark contrast to the star's rock 'n' roll roots - before Paula put a stop to their conversation."They were more interested in her than me.She stole them from me!" Jools exclaimed jokingly during his interview with the Radio Times.There was a slightly embarrassing moment onscreen after Pete Doherty of the Libertines